Easy Chair Millionaire Review – Insider Truths Exposed

Are you wondering if Easy Chair Millionaire is a legitimate business opportunity? Below is an unbiased look at some need to know facts about the company.

A) Corporate Goals

The founder of Easy Chair Millionaire makes an effort through his program to help people use the power of the internet to make money. The program is also an attempt to offer people a way to get out of their 9-5 J.O.B. and instead work from home.

The creator and CEO of the company describes dubai millionaire himself as an “extremely lazy” millionaire. He hopes to display to others through his system how few hours of work you actually need to spend applying his methods.

B) Getting Started

The Easy Chair Millionaire official website claims that you won’t have to develop a product or even have to set up a website. The sales page also makes the assertion you are able to generate income while dreaming in your warm bed if you apply their methods.

How much does it cost to join?

* $47 – one time fee

Some additional Easy Chair Millionaire attributes include:

* Computer is required to get started

* You can exclusively work from home with this opportunity

* 8 week money back guarantee

The guarantee goes even further to say if you haven’t made at least 100 times your investment back within 8 weeks,Guest Posting you can ask for a refund. So, if you have not earned at least $4,700 in profit during your first two months, you could legitimately ask for a full refund.

C) The Reality Of It All

What exactly are you getting for your $47 investment? Essentially, a large e-book filled with different methods of approach to affiliate marketing.

Easy Chair Millionaire focuses mainly on teaching you how to utilize Google Adwords. This means you will be using pay per click (PPC) as your advertising method.

You will need to consider signing up with an affiliate site like Clickbank, where you can choose to select one or several products to promote from a bank of several thousand. You’ll use PPC to write 3-4 line ads to promote these products. If someone clicks on your ad and then likes the product you’re advertising enough to buy it, you’ll earn a commission.

These commissions will average out to be around $25 or so per sale.

Because commissions coming from the sale of affiliate products are usually fairly small, you’ll need to be advertising a large number of them to do well financially. You will also need to make sure that your ads correctly describe the product you’re promoting so that people don’t click on your ad and end up at a site that is unrelated to your ad description, and thus costing you wasted ad money.

A main disadvantage to an opportunity like Easy Chair Millionaire is that money spent on advertising can quickly add up. Because you will get charged every time someone clicks on your ad, you need to learn how to effectively use PPC.