Silicone oil is commonly used cosmetic ingredients

Also known as dimethicone,Silicone oil is commonly used cosmetic ingredients Articles which is a kind of hydrophilic silicone material, it has many derivatives, are applied to the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, food and other aspects.


Dimethyl silicone oil, colorless or pale yellow liquid, odorless, transparent, did not stimulate the skin and mucous membranes, but have some irritation to eyes. Has good chemical stability and physical inertia. It and its derivatives silicone oil are the high quality raw materials of cosmetics, have a good skin care function, belong to the synthetic oils of cosmetic raw materials. Dimethyl silicone oil can be used as insulation, lubrication, shockproof, dustproof oil, dielectric fluid and heat carrier, and as a defoaming, stripping, paints and cosmetics additives. Well, dimethyl silicone oil used in cosmetics has what effect?


Dimethyl silicone oil can be used for cosmetics production well in order to improve the cosmetic properties. Silicone oil has a low surface tension combined with viscosity, can make other components of cosmetics easily spread into a thin film on the skin, and no sticky feeling. Dimethyl silicone oil’s remove viscous properties make it coordinated with vaseline, paraffin, beeswax, lanolin, etc. obtain not sticky products, volatile silicone oil can be given drying, smooth, shiny and good anti-fouling properties to cosmetics, as a cosmetic carrier, it can quickly dissipate make the other cosmetic ingredients into a uniform distribution film, in the eye cosmetic products and nail polish, it is very important, and in hair care products, the silicone oil can increase the hair gloss, at the same time play a role of stereotyping and preventing hair stick together, in shampoos, silicone oil make hair easy to comb, in skin care products, silicone oil form a hydrophobic film can prevent other components to be washed, also keep the skin in the normal breathable, currently silicone oil has become an important ingredients or additives in many cosmetics.


Polysiloxane is the name for such materials, also known as silicone or silicone oil, they are in this category substances. In cosmetics has lubricating properties, anti-ultraviolet role, good ventilation, with obvious dirt function, in cosmetic also used to replace the traditional oils materials, which is based on polydimethylsiloxane has good characteristics of softness, in skin care products are usually used for moisturizing products, some of the high-grade skin care products will also be applied.


Polydimethylsiloxane permeability is very good for the skin, skin care products on the skin’s smooth refreshing feeling, usually because of adding the raw materials, raw material itself for increasing the softness of the skin also has a good effect. In hair care products, shampoo, can enhance hair color and help maintain the natural hair shiny, basically, all of the shampoo can make hair smooth are able to find this raw material. In cosmetics, requires polydimethylsiloxane with low viscosity, good volatile, easy to clean, the highest proportion can reach 15% or more, according to cosmetic raw material suppliers, dimethicone and related derivatives are commonly used cosmetic ingredients.